About Me

I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) in English and Digital Humanities at Michigan State University. My primary research interests include literary modernism, Post-45 American literature, and computational analysis. My dissertation, Fictions of Industry in the 21st Century, uses traditional, ethnographic, and digital methods to analyze the forms and fictions produced in the age of corporate publishing.

My primary methodological interests lie in computational analysis and digital humanities. I am currently conducting a large-scale text analysis of the Armed Services Editions, a collection of ~1,500 novels repurposed for American soldiers during WWII, in order to analyze the politics of literary form. I have completed a graduate certificate in DH at MSU, as well as training at DHSI (2015, 2016) and HILT (2015).

I am currently a Mellon Fellow in Digital Liberal Arts at Hope College (Holland, MI). In 2014-2015, I was the Project Manager and Graduate Lead of the Digital Humanities and Literary Cognition lab (DHLC), where I co-wrote and won an ACLS Digital Innovations Fellowship with Professor Natalie Phillips. I was also pleased to be a 2015-2016 Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellow at MSU.

I am the recipient of the Provost’s Pre-Professional Award and a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the College of Arts and Letters at the Michigan State. My writing has appeared in Symbolism and Books and Culture.

Feel free to get in contact with  me! I’d love to hear from you.