Modernism In/And The Contemporary

I’m excited to announce a panel for MSA 17, “Modernism In/And the Contemporary.”

In the context of modernism, modernity, and modernist studies, “revolution” is commonly associated with change, upheaval, and rupture. This panel considers “revolution,” in another sense: return, circularity, cyclical recurrence. As David James and Urmila Seshagiri note in their eponymous “Metamodernism,” contemporary fiction recycles and remixes modernism with great implications for modernist studies. This panel considers the ways that modernism—as a concept, a historically defined period, a series of aesthetic and political commitments—is reshaped by, in, and for the contemporary. Our panel considers the usefulness of modernism as a concept for contemporary scholarship, the archival and methodological investments of modernism and media studies, and modernism’s situation within a contemporary field of cultural production.

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