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Our final book of the semester will be a surprise– to all of us! We’re going to subscribe to Book of the Month, a monthly book subscription service that rebooted in 2016. On the first of June, we’ll read the Judges’ summaries of the monthly selections, and vote on a title to read as a class. Then, we’ll eagerly await our boxes, examine all of the goodies (bonus points if you vlog the experience of opening the box!) , and discuss the book and the online BOTM community. You’re especially encouraged to post on Instagram and Facebook, and participate in the online discussion boards. The more you put in to BOTM, the more you’ll get out of it.

The best part is, the first month costs only $5. You can cancel after you receive your book. Click here to begin the signup! Please sign up by June 1, but do not select your book until after our class vote.

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