Creative Assignment

Note: You need to complete either the book review or the creative piece. You can find the book review assignment here.

Creative Assignment

Task: If you’ve spent any time on the internet (haha), you know that several new and creative forms have developed: fanfiction, the McSweeney’s satire, the Buzzfeed quiz, the Twitter bot, the YouTube review, the podcast. I’m certain you can think of many others. Some of these forms might be especially good at helping you respond to or consider our texts in new ways. Using a creative outlet or format of your choosing, you will develop a creative response to one of the books that we have read so far (Americanah, My Brilliant Friend, or The Argonauts). You can choose whatever outlet you like (see instructions below about pitching to me), but your piece must take a stance or point of view on the ideas/topics presented by the book you chose.

Pitch: You must get your idea approved by me (via email, by June 5 so that we can determine the specifications of your project together. This will include length (words, minutes, etc.), tone, technology, and grading criteria.

Each creative piece must 1.) be a creative form that has thrived on the internet (you are not restricted to the examples above); 2.) make an argument about the book that extends beyond a gut reaction; 3.) make good use of the form that you have chosen, and be well-executed; 4.) demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the book. You will be graded on these criteria, as well as the quality of the work and additional criteria developed in consultation with me.

Artist’s Statement: Each creative piece must be accompanied by a 500-word artist’s statement, that addresses the following questions:

  • What was your argument or stance on the book, and how did you attempt to make that clear in your piece?
  • Why did you choose this format? What did you hope this format would reveal about the text?
  • Who is your ideal audience for this piece? Why did you choose them? How does your creative piece successfully address your audience?

The project is due via email ( by midnight on June 9.